A VA with VIP experience

In my 20+ years of working as an administrator, marketing executive, event planner, personal assistant and project manager I’ve had the pleasure of working for some VIPs and VICs – Very Important Companies.

My VIPs must stay anonymous, client confidentiality and all that, but I am allowed to shout about the VIC’s I worked with.

My career started out at Cadbury as a Training Executive supporting the extensive training department. After a year I was promoted to the Events and Marketing Executive and PA for seven managers. I worked in Bournville, home of the best British chocolate. The perks of the job were being able to eat as much chocolate as I wanted in any given day!!

After another two years I moved from Cadbury onto an events agency where my one-and-only client was Jaguar cars.

During my time at Jaguar I organised numerous events for VIP celebrity ambassadors and spent a fair share of my time with them at track days, motor shows, golfing events and driving experiences.

Having had a seat in the events fast-lane for four years, I decided to tone it down and started working for a not-for-profit organisation called Reconstruct. This was an amazing five years of my working life, where I felt I was making a difference to the lives of children in care. I learnt so much as the PA for three company directors and it was with great sadness I moved on after the company relocated its HQ.

After a stint as a project manager at a web design company, I decided it was time to start out as a freelancer. Using all of the skills I’d acquired over 17 years working with some big brands, I began supporting various clients, from entrepreneurs facing fast expansion, to a huge corporation reducing their workforce. A very mixed bag!

Whilst working for UnaTerra, international expansion specialists, I had the pleasure of working with James Ketchell, Global Adventurer and one of the most positive people I’ve ever met. James has just flown around the world in a gyrocopter to raise money for charity. Playing a small part in this Guinness World Record setting achievement was the highlight of my working year.

So, after three years as a freelancer I felt it was time to build my own brand, and Virtualosa was born, meaning virtual in Latin (my brother can take credit for that one) and providing a premium service for a variety of clients, guaranteeing me with the diversity I thrive on in my work.

As your remote Virtual Assistant, I provide exceptional executive, administrative and operational support for your businesses. By hiring me, you would be engaging a marketing graduate with over 20 years’ experience.

Contact me on 07815 77 46 45 or irulan@virtualosa.co.uk

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